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How we Rated the Brokers in Forex Showdown

At Forex Showdown, brokers are pitted against each other and comparisons are made by using a special formula, each parameter gets a score (the total value is up to 100). All the information we gather is from traders opinions, comments on the web and of course our own personal experience.

We endeavour to give the trader an objective and unique view for his own safety and protection.

The total highest score a brand can get is 100.

Here is a quick explanation of the criteria used:

Platform 10
Friendly for beginners 5
Min. account size 5
Min. lot size 5
Tradeable Assets 5
Maximum margin 10
Spread on EUR/USD 5
Carryover charge for EUR/USD 5
Payment methods 5
Reputation 20
Platform stability 5
Demo account 5
Regulated 5
Support 10
Total 100



  1. Platform:  We ask ourselves is the platform stable and user friendly?
    Highest score for Platform is 10/10

  1. Friendly for Beginners:  Can novices trade on their site or is it complicated?
    Highest score for friendly for beginners is 5/5

  1. Min Account Size: What is the bare minimum you need to invest in order to open an account? The lower the better. All Brokers have a minimum deposit requirement. It is the amount a trader is required to deposit into their trading account before being able to make live trades
    Highest score for Min Account size is 5/5

  1. Min. Lot Size: What is the bare minimum you can enter in each trade? The lower the better.
    Highest score for Min Lot Size is 5/5

  1. Tradable Assets: The more assets a broker has for the trader to trade the higher the score.
    Highest score for Tradable Assets is 5/5 

  1. Max Margin:
    Highest score for Max margin 10/10

  1. Spread on EUR/USD: What is the spread on the EUR/USD, the lower the better
    Highest score for Spread on EUR/USD  is 5/5

  1. Carryover charge for EUR/USD: How much does the broker charge?
    Highest score for Carryover charge for EUR/USD is 5/5

  1. Payment methods: How long does it usually take for the broker to accommodate a withdrawal request? This is the whole point of trading, being able to withdraw your funds without long delays. It should be efficient. We put the broker through the paces on this issue checking the length of time it takes for them to deposit funds in Traders accounts
    Highest score for Payment Methods is 5/5

  1. Reputation among traders: This is the general consensus among traders in different web forums and general user feedback and comments.
    Highest score for Reputation is 20/20

  1. Platform Stability: This is the platform used by the broker and we ask ourselves is it stable and user friendly, does it have any added features?
    Highest score for Platform Stability is 5/5

  1. Demo Account:  Is a demo account available for traders to practice with before investing?
    Highest score for Demo account is 5/5

  1. Regulated:  If a broker is regulated that means they are put through the paces regarding most of the practices of the broker and answerable!
    Highest score for regulation is 5/5

  1. Support: How good is customer support?
    Good customer support is vital for hassle free, good trading. The chat, emails, live   support all should be professional, helpful and concise.
    Highest score for Customer Support is 10/10